what shoes to wear with leggings?

  1. If I posted this in the wrong section, please feel free to move. I like black leggings and all different types of leggings, but I have no idea what shoes to wear with them. I'm really short, so flats are def. a no-no to me. I do not want to look weird or anything. lol. Does anyone have any suggestions???
  2. shoe boots
  3. Here are three pair that I wear with leggings that are not flats.



  4. yep agree with the above. i just bought some shoe booties. i can't see these lasting more than 1 or 2 seasons so I didn't buy an expensive pair but I got tons of compliments when I wore my tights with them!
  5. i agree, shoe boots look fab.

    as do a great pair of mary-janes
  6. These are fabulous!

  7. wow! i like all the posted shoes!
  8. i think you can wear absolutely everything and anything with leggings- they are great!.. i love boots with leggings, uggs, pumps , etc..
  9. since ur not a fan of flats then shoe boots are the best option
  10. I'd skip the leggings for a pair of sophisticated, leg lengthening tights.
  11. I always wear booties or pumps with leggings

  12. ohh, i agree... you can get awesome opaque tights by spanks or wolford and they don't cut your leg up. but i guess if i had to answer the question as posted i would opt for shoe booties as well...