What shoes go with white pants?

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  1. For example, if you wear white pants and a pink top. What shoes would do? Pink shoes? or White shoes?:wacko:
  2. I'd say either pink, white, a combo, or something neutral like tan. Make sure they're just as spring/summer as the outfit though.
  3. Tan or neutral colored shoes.
  4. I'd go with pink or tan. White shoes are hard to pull off IMO.
  5. I think it would also depend on the colour of the purse your carrying. Gold,would be my first choice, without seeing the outfit.
    white pants, pink top, gold strappy sandles, gold clutch.

    What do you think ?

  6. Great suggestion, Pradasmeadow!
  7. I think brown shoes can look nice with white pants.
  8. I second the brown shoes suggestion. If you look at the Spring fashion mags, brown shoes are big--especially with white, and even with the addition of color.
  9. Love all the ideas. :love: Thanks much ladies.. Especially the gold shoes. Now, i gotta look for a gold clutch. :amuse:
  10. either:smile:

  11. Barefoot! Cuz white pants look super cute at the beach
  12. I wear silver gracian sandals with mine
  13. I was thinking something metallic and strappy.

  14. I just left Nordstrom and noticed that many of the mannequins were wearing all white, including the shoes. Cute wedges and sandals that tied up around the ankles. Looked nice!
  15. I'd say pink. I usually match my tops and shoes. It looks good most of the time.