what shoes go with hermes bags

  1. What shoes do you like to wear with your various bags? I wear ferragamos bc they are so comfy. But I think that they make me look like and old lady.
  2. i say anything goes...from flipflops to killer boots.
  3. Yeah ... anything that makes you feel comfortable to feeling like a million bucks! The fashion police would rather like us to wear shoes to match our outfits and not the bag. :sweatdrop:
  4. I love to pair my black box kelly with my Pierre Hardy black peep-toes........tres sexy (in my mind, anyway.....)
  5. I pair them mostly with my Adidas Stansmith.
  6. I wear them with everything from Dansko clogs (with Miss Evelyne when I am doing some hard core shopping in the city) to heels. :shame:
  7. the audery ballet flat by ferragamo wouldn't make anyone look like an old lady. have you tried those?
  8. wellingtons?
  9. Anything goes, and usually I'm in plain Tod's Winter Black Patent loafers, but lately my feet have been suffering in dark red patent wing-tip Louboutin pumps that go amazingly well with Rouge H!
  10. Anything goes for me from cheap flipflops to heeled shoes. My Hermes bags live my life whatever that is from day to day, hour to hour.
  11. Anything from leather sandals to heels, to goretex brown leather hiking boots (it was snowing and I didn't want to slip and crack my skull open) to old navy flip flops.
  12. Yeah, Wellingtons and a croc kelly!:yes:
    and a sleeveless "faux fur" housecoat in between.:love:

    or, I love how Manolos look with hermes...but I think in this day and age, whatever makes you comfortable!:yes:
  13. Jcrew flip flops, Manolo Carolynes, Pumas, Ballet flats, Frye Boots, Stuart Weitzman, Ferragamo Espadrilles - I wear it ALL!
  14. Ferragamos are my favorites! I even still have some with the grosgrain bow. Love flipflops, too, and Keds on the weekend.
  15. I wear Tod's in the daytime and Chanel, Manolo or more Tod's in the evening. There are a few other assorted ones thrown in like Prada etc.