What shoes for my graduation dress

  1. I'm graduating from college next Friday; I purchased this dress to wear to graduation ceremony and to my graduation party afterwards. I need help finding shoes for this dress...I was thinking maybe black strappy.

    What do you guys think.
    graduation dress.jpg shoes.jpg
  2. I think metallics could look nice with this dress or white. Black would look great too and it's probably the 'safest' choice! I like those strappy Gucci heels you posted.
  3. Love the dress, and I do prefer black shoes with this one.
    I wish I had a winter graduation... but no, I'm graduating this upcoming may and have NO idea what to wear!
  4. cute dress. The shoes you posted will go perfectly.
  5. love the dress, those that you found were great, maybe something in that area or silver.
  6. I like the shoes you posted...so cute! And congratulations on your graduation!
  7. I love the shoes you posted:yes: Congratulations on your graduation!:drinkup:

  8. Thank you all....I hope I can find those shoes at the store...no time to order now.
  9. Go for black- it's a good time to be classic.

    And congratulations on graduating!!
  10. Congrats, the shoes you posted look nice!
  11. I think black or silver slingback peep toes would look cute.
  12. love the dress + the shoes!!
  13. you've got a perfect pair of dress and shoes.. :biggrin: good luck!
  14. i never into strappy shoes aka sandals

    i would go for black full toe shoes with this dress
    like this in black from celine at yoox 270$

    chloe 342$

    costume national 320$
  15. I'd go with silver metallic shoes and strappy ones. Not sure about full toe shoes with that dress. JMHO.