What shoes do you wear?

  1. I just bought my second pair of Asics today, the GT-2120. I was fitted for running shoes a year and a half ago or so, and went with the GT-2100s for the way they hug my feet and provide awesome support. I have practically no arch and a wide foot. After suffering through two terrible pairs of "running" shoes, I finally found a shoe I love :love: I have worn my previous pair to death :shame:


    So, what shoes do you wear? :nuts:
  2. Oh girlfriend !! Don't get me started on running shoes:p
    I like to try them ALL out. LOL !!!
    Well maybe not that many, but I buy Motion Control shoes b/c I like my feet to feel VERY supported when I run. So I usually get a pair from each company and see what I like best. I have too many to count and I rotate them so I only use each pair at most once a week. Makes them last longer too:yes:

    My favorites for my long runs on Sundays are Saucony Grid Stabil. I have four of them right now (I'm gonna toss one pair after a race I'm doing on Sunday) When I find a pair I REALLY love I usually get multiples b/c as we know the damn shoe company is always discontinuing shoes and coming out with new ones (I hate that):cursing: So I try to stock up on ones I love:smile:
  3. Saucony Grid Stabil is the only running shoe I really like. I've tried others but always come back to Saucony.
  4. Nike Shox...they're so springy!
  5. Just bought a pr of new balance and my feet are loving them,
    I 've notice a big difference running compared to my fila's.
  6. I'm with you on the support thing. That's why I love the Asics GT series so much, because of the great support. Great idea in buying more than one pair, especially since you do a lot of running. I hate that shoe companies discontinue certain styles :push: I looked high and low for the GT-2100s, because I'd love to buy the same shoes again, but couldn't find them in my size. Still, I can't wait to wear my new pair tomorrow. LOL, a day that I actually look forward to going to the gym, whodathunkit? :p

  7. Is it true that you suppose to throw them out after running so many miles in them?A lady was telling me that the other day.

    I wear the all white New Balance and before that I had some Shox but I find when I run that my body feels heavy on my ankles.Does that mean their isn't enough support or am I running the wrong way?

    I hope you don't Cristina I hope you don't think I'm hijacking your thread but I thought I would ask since all of you change ya'll shoes out alot.

  8. I have 7 pairs of new balance running shoes. They're the most comfy and supportive for me.
  9. the nike+ so i can track my runs with my ipod and bring them up online. its really helpful because i am doing a behavior modification project and these graphs of all my runs will come in very very handy!!!
  10. I have the exact same shoes and love them.:love: I purchased them in January because the guy at the store told me that they were the top sellers in the history of the company, so I figured if everyone else is doing it then I should be too. lol
  11. Nike Shox for me...time for a new pair too
  12. They say that your shoes should be discarded after ~500 miles on them, but that's a general rule. I look at my outsoles and as soon as I see them worn away I get rid of my shoes. If you don't keep track of mileage just check your shoes carefully for signs of wear after 4-5 months then.

    If your ankles are bothering you, you may want to try motion control shoes. They are supposed to help keep your foot in alignment. It might help.

    And Cristina....I search e bay all the time for my discontined syles. You should try that for your Asics (if you haven't already:smile: )
  13. I wear the same ones! LOVE them!
  14. I'm a fan of Saucony also!
  15. YAY for more Asics fans! :nuts: I used them when I was a cheerleader in high school, many moons ago :shame: I didn't know that they'd eventually be my favorite workout shoe :love:

    Tan, I agree with Cassidy about looking for motion control shoes with better ankle support. I had a pair of Nikes that felt very "un"supportive in the ankle area and taking the time to get fitted properly and investing in a new pair made a huge difference!