What shoes do you wear with your LV's?

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  1. Hey all!

    I happen to always think that I have to wear cute shoes with my Louis bags. I'm sure you do too. I have been to many malls in my city and find women who wear flats, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops, expensive shoes, Coach Shoes, dirty shoes, the whole nine.

    What do you normally wear with your LV bag? What are your preferences?

    Do you HAVE to always find a nice pair (not to match) just to not look crummy? Or just run out even if it's a pair of UGLY shoes? I always try and leave the house with a decent pair of shoes, because that is crazy if i have a $1000 bag on, with dirty kicks.

  2. It depends on the bag and the occassion. I'll wear anything with LV...Louboutins, Pumas or Target flip flops. I will, however, make sure my shoes are clean and presentable. Like you, I wouldn't want to carry an LV with dirty shoes.
  3. I tend to stick with Cathy Jean flip flops. :P If I am going to work I will throw on my favorite Nordies peeptoe wedges or my Steve Madden stilettos. I don't spend much on shoes so you will never see me rocking anything over $100 regardless of the amount of my bag.
  4. ITA! I tend to spend money on bags but not care so much about the shoes, although I DO always want them to be nice and presentable! I live in FL though so Reef flip-flops are standard uniform around here!
  5. I am pretty casual on weekends so I will go with my Moschino Apple sandals or my Camper shoes.

    If I live it up, then my Marc Jacobs or Miu Miu heels come out to play.
  6. I'm a big flip flop person, so mostly my reef flip flops. I don't really care what's on my feet, just as long as I'm comfy. I don't spend a whole lot on shoes, just on bags.
  7. I don't spend a lot of money on shoes, but I find cute ones at little stores around here. I wear mainly flats or boots, but I always make sure they are cute because, like you, I want to look nice when I wear my LV bags.
  8. Usually Lanvin flats
  9. Well, I usually try to wear nice shoes and never sneakers.... but I HAD to wear my running shoes to travel this past weekend and they looked fine with my Damier Speedy. That's why I love Speedys!
  10. Puuuhleeze! I'm waiting for the shoe obsession to kick in. Now I do have nice shoes that look great with the LVs, but my priority is the bag, the hair and lipgloss. Flip flops to the grocery store or heels to the job, I'm working the LV!
  11. ANYTHING goes...but they are presentable..aka not looking like i just jumped in the lake with them on
  12. All kinds - Louboutin's, Blahnik's, Zanotti's, etc. (nicer occassions) and in a casual setting a nice pair of Sketchers Bright Eye's (slip-on tennis shoes). I love them and have them in blue, pink, navy and white. They're in pristine condition. Or, I even have a few LV slides.
  13. For work, I normally wear heels as I am only 5 foot 1. Either Franco Sarto, Rampage or Nine West. For Casual times, I wear my ballet flats, either Coach or Michael Kors. I have a few of them, different colors.. :biggrin: They are so cute!
  14. For me, smarter shoes will be Prada's or Tod's, otherwise for more casual it's Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana's!