??? What Shoes Do You Wear With Your Louie ???

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  1. Fabulous people, please share!!! Will any shoe do or do you go high end? Do you have a favorite pair? Are you one of those people that have certain shoes picked out for certain bags?

    Are there any shoes you won't wear with your LV? In your opinion, what style or color goes best with Brown Mono, Multicolore, etc?

    Inquiring minds want to know! (Well, maybe just me :P but it would still be FUN to see all your answers).
  2. Any shoe. Right now I have on Uggs with my Artsy.

  3. I was wondering if I was the only one who wore UGGS with my LV. Glad I am not alone.
  4. With Mono, pretty much anything goes because I think of it as a neutral. I am a little more particular with Damier Ebene/Azur, Pomme, Amarante, Epi Electric. I love shoes and will buy them just about anywhere. I am an equal opportunity shoe shopper :P and I don't really care if they are designer or not. If I love them I will buy them!

  5. my thoughts exactly
  6. i tend to wear uggs, sneakers or leather flats
  7. I used to love shoes more than I love bags but now Louis has rearranged my closet priorities :biggrin: I pretty much match according to the look I'm trying to pull together.
  8. I usually wear some Uggs... I wear Uggs all the time, they are so comfy!
  9. i'm an equal opportunity shoe wearer. dress shoes during week, weekends can be anything from snow boots to sneakers to flip flops.
  10. Oops! Bump. ;)
  11. I just wear my comfy Eccos--dress or runners. I not much of a HHs wearer, if at all. I do have a nice pair of tall black leather boots with a 2-1/2 inch heels I adore. I own a pair of Uggs too. :P
  12. I love love love to pair my LVs (all mono) with white chuck's (got 4 pairs of white of the classic white ones) or black classic ballet flats by repetto or french sole or my brown BV heel boots. If I go in chic heels I mostly take another bag than LV, actualy I don't know why but it is so. . .
  13. I basically just match my shoes to my outfit. I too consider LV neutral so I don't care about matching it to my shoes.
  14. Whatever shoes match my outfit. I mostly wear heels anyway.
  15. I usually wear black flats or sandals. I usually cannot fit my foot in high end. I just bought a great sexy pair of Donald Pliner(295) sandals. I think I will buy a pair of LV flip flops and wear them all summer. I dress business casual or casual. I do not wear heels.
    I am a teacher and need comfort first. I have a lot of finn comfort sandals.