What shoes do you wear with your Chloe?

  1. Today, I'm wearing MJ python flats with my betty
  2. LFA Ugg Boots (Nomads, or Tibetans :heart: ), Lanvin Ballerinas, Chloe Grecian Sandals (although, they're too big!).

    I also have two pairs of JC Grecian Sandals (in silver and a blueish green) that I bought a couple of years ago to wear with my Silver and Gold Mesh Hobos (which are from the year before that), but I never wore them, for some reason. I often do this - buy something, not wear it and then rediscover it later.

    I like mixing seasons and wearing older things with newer things. If I'm wearing head-to-toe current season, I feel way too contrived and unoriginal.

    Maybe this summer! :biggrin:
  3. great advice chloehandbags, I hate seeing a head to toe one season look, its like - wheres your originality!

  4. Ahhh, thanks cb! :flowers:

    I'm sure you always look amazing! :biggrin: