What shoes do you wear with shorts or skirts?

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    I meant shorts/skirts or casual dresses, like jean or khaki shorts or skirts or summer cotton dresses. I like to wear heels with everything but it seems my heels are too dressy if it's not 1. dress pants 2. dress (not a casual) or 3. dressy skirt (like a pencil skirt or the like).

    Any suggestions? Pictures would help.
  2. Flats, chunky sandals, gladiator sandals, mid-calf boots?
  3. I usually wear heels with skirts or dress pants, but I prefer flat sandals or low wedges with shorts. Flats would work, too, but I'm not fond of them on my own feet.
  4. I wear flip flops, sandals or ballet flats.
  5. wedges for me :tup:

    I love the look of flats with shorts/mini skirts but too bad my leg is too stocky (lol)...so I usually end up looking very stumpy if I even try that. Heels is fine too..but I would only wear that with more dressy attire or a nice sun dress would be nice.

    But for everyday casual look, jeans mini with wedges is my vote, it makes my leg look somewhat longer and it's still casual.
  6. Flip flops or wedge sandals
  7. wedges if you have slim legs and calves
    and sandals
  8. Shorts; flip flops/ sandles. For some reason I think my legs look weird w/ flats & shorts
  9. i wear 3"+ heels with everything hehe event more casual jean shorts =) if i'm walking a lot then flip flops
  10. dresses I wear flats, wedges, or heels
    Shorts I will wear gladiators, fancy sandals, or flip flops :smile:
  11. I never wear skirts. I wear flip flops/sandals with shorts
  12. i always wear flat sandals. ballet flats only look good on me when i wear jeans.
  13. I usually either wear strappy sandals with no heels, or flip flops. Occasionally, I will wear black tights underneath a khaki skirt with black flats. Kitten heels might look nice too.
  14. dressier sandals, gladiators, wedges, ballet flats, kitten heels