What shoes do you prefer w/ a black dress

  1. Question, what shoes do you like to wear to make a black dress pop? I just bought a black wrap dress, not cocktail, but for work, church, dinner. I really hate to wear black pumps because I wear them so much any way. What do you guys like for a pop? Or what do you think looks calssy and smart? Open to any suggestions, comments, etc.
    Thanks in advance!!:okay:
  2. Oooohhh! How about red patent? Or burgundy, pink, gold....green! Shall I go on?! LOL!
  3. I agree! Other colored pumps such as gold and red would be sooo cute, especially in patent.
  4. Almost any color. I am quite partial to fushia but red is great too.
  5. red or gold will be the best match for black
  6. Any color except black! If you want subtle, pewter would be nice. If you want bold, red. If you want fun, cobalt blue patent. If you want upscale, try purple or hunter green.
  7. snakeskin with a bit of black mixed in with the other colors! or how about leopard? i am big on the exotics these days... and i also like the idea of metallics especially pewter or bronze... if you do red make it patent! it's like candy!!!
  8. red patent pump would be hot :p
  9. ITA :yes:

    I've done red suede strappy heels or gold shoes. If this is more of a casual thing, such as work and church as you mentioned, I would forego gold and stick to red. And possibly a red handbag to compliment your shoes
  10. I'd love a leopard or cheetah print pumps!
  11. I just bought some gray patent pumps and they look great with black outfits. It's nice for work or church IMO, because that pop of light shiny gray is subtle yet unexpected.
  12. for something trendy and fun, red (probably patent with metal accents)
    for a party, silver!
    for something black tie-ish, black satin pointy toe heels
  13. I love wrap dresses with knee-high boots! Super fun and I wore them like that to work, church, everywhere!
  14. This time of year, definitely boots! (booties, knee-high, or over the knee)
  15. Red patent pumps if you want to look hot and neutral patent pumps for a classy look but different from the usual black. :smile: