What shoes do you get most compliments on? Fess up!

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  1. I get lots of compliments on my Frye Dorado Riding Boots (black) and Tory Burch Reva flats (black/silver).
  2. Definitely my red patent Ferragamo Audreys

  3. My most complimented pair of shoes is a pair of Steve Madden wedges I bought on sale at a consignment store for $15.00. One of the straps was broken and my boyfriend helped me fix them. I just really wanted a pair of casual wedges that I could walk around the city in without carrying a pair of flip flops in my purse in case my feet started to hurt.

    Seriously - every single time I wear them, I receive multiple compliments. Go figure! I mean, I like them too - but my Manolos, Choos, and Pradas are all a million times more compliment-worthy in my mind.
  4. Frye Veronica Slouch in dark brown ~ almost to the point its funny. Never knew a pair of boots would get so much attention.
  5. CL Pigalles - both studded and plain kid leather. Wow, these make people drool!
  6. I forgot to contribute to this thread!

    Louboutin flats in metallic pink- everyone who sees them either stares or compliments! (I think it's the bright color ;))
  7. These aren't expensive but I always get tons of compliments on them.
    Marc Fisher Vica.

  8. definitely my CLs and my oh so beloved Zanottis..=)

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  9. i get compliments on my dior extreme gladiator sandals, ysl studded tributes, studded vp cl's and..........yea pretty much all my cls :biggrin:
  10. A pair of maroon mary-jane heels from Target
  11. these babies-

    Candy Pumps
  12. Reva metallic pink flats---everytime. And most recently some Vince camuto studded booties. They r tdf ;)