What shoes do you get most compliments on? Fess up!

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  1. I get the most compliments on my CL Denis in blue suede.

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  2. Gosh, I love the colour - it compliments your skin tone and the nail polish tops it off!
  3. Awesome thread and great shoes, ladies!

    Those are just stunning! I hope they don't hurt? Clumsy little old me might keep poking myself with the studs and all...but they're very intriguing. Just made me look at Zanottis in a whole new light!

    They're sooo cute, the remind me of Minnie Mouse!
  4. I love these!!!! The buttons remind me just a touch of the pointed toe LVs from SA- but these look 1000 times better!!! :hearteyes:
  5. My cowboy boots....guess its got to do with where I am from. Lol
  6. Thanks Butterrfly and Cass. I think the color catches the eye for sure, it caught mine and I had to have them:biggrin:
  7. Probably my CL Burlinas (in my avatar) or my colorblock YSL Tributes[​IMG]
  8. These are so pretty. I love the colors.
  9. Love these. I bet they are easy to wear
  10. Beautiful color
  11. These $8 white braided leather flip flops with faux suede insole... Until I broke them :-/ I haven't been able to replace them... :sad:
  12. Another vote for YSL tribute sandals.
  13. Thank you so much Jhs. I love the pic of your wedding shoes they are beautiful. I love Rene Caovilla.