What shoes do you get most compliments on? Fess up!

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  1. Unless you're a shoe-fanatic (which most of us probably are :P) generally people aren't always looking at your feet. So it takes a pretty cute pair of shoes to get noticed from down there!

    Which pairs of shoes do you own gets the most compliments/attention?
    Feel free to post pics! :heart:
  2. I wore my DIY strass louboutin Yoyo's out for the first time on Saturday night.
    I got so many compliments from my friends!

    Also, my McQueen buckled booties caught the attention of a lot of my friends a week ago.
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    besides my heels, for my casual shoes i get compliments almost every single time i wear either one of these flats (they look cuter irl too)
  4. Ooh I'd love to see pictures of both!

    Those Coach flats are so cute! Are they current season? I've been looking for some the perfect pair of leopard flats for awhile.. The first link doesn't work though :thinking:
  5. ^sorry i tried to put the tags but it just goes away??

    the two are: coach leopard print flats and kate spade 'faith' flats.

    the coach isn't a current season...i think they were about 2 or 3 years ago...i got them new on ebay a year and a half ago though!
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    Balenciaga t-strap pump:

    Christian Louboutin dorePIG:

    Christian Louboutin strass lady claude:

    Christian Louboutin python lil boot:

    Alexander McQueen origami boot:

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  8. Ahh I want those leopard flats now! :nuts:

    lvpiggy your Lady Claude's are amazing! I think if I saw it in person it would hypnotize me and I'd probably follow you around with a little drool on the corner of my mouth :biggrin: and I think we need some modeling pics of you in those amazing python boots!
  9. Fendi Cinderella shoes!

  10. yuppp those are it! i love themm so cute

  11. Soo gorgeous! I diee. (hehehe for your watermark!)
  12. CL Coral Bananas

  13. CL turq suede VP


    CL oxblood glitter VP


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  14. As far as heels go, definitely my Bals, which is understandable since they are very funky and one of my favorite shoes of all time.


    But I actually get the most compliments on a pair of flats. They are $25 Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals. I seriously get stopped every time that I wear them and asked about them:


    Just goes to show that a cute shoe is a cute shoe at any price.

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  15. Seriously every time I wear my Louboutin studded Ariella boots I get stopped.

    Other than that, my black patent YSL Tribute sandals, and going back in time a bit, my Dior Extreme sandals.

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