What shoes do I wear?

  1. Picture this: a short fitted jacket (black and cream), mid calf length black skirt with a bit of a flair (looking, haven't found it yet) What is the best shoe for this outfit? I'm not sure about heel size - do you think strappy? does it even matter?
  2. I'd go for some simple black pumps (not very high heels... I always go for comfort, so no more than 8 cm for me ;) ). Also, I'm thinking about some Giuseppe Zanotti slingbacks that are a combination of black & white, really cute for the summer...
    Just my two cents :smile: hope it helps!!
  3. Okay Cece, so a med heal slingback would do it? You have no idea how helpful you have been - Thanks so much!!!
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. A mid-heel closed toe or eveb peep-toe slingback would look wonderful!
  5. I actually pictured the same thing. Not strappy, rather a mid-heel closed toe or a pee-toe slingback would look stunning!
  6. What kind of fabric is the skirt and the Jacket ?
  7. I'd say closed toe (pointed) small heel slingbacks, or for a more casual look, some flat round toed pumps with maybe elastic across front or button detail :biggrin:
  8. The jacket is a Dana Buchman 100% cotton with a tweedy look to it. I do not have the skirt yet, I'm thinking a mid calf black would be right for the jacket - yes or no, please help me - I do not want to make a fashion faux pas with this outfit -
  9. Yes that sounds fine, The fabric however is the key ! Now if you have a heavy fabric (tweed, or tweed like or heavy cotton ) Then the outfit with open toe may not work, Where are you ? What's the climate ? (sorry for all the questions )
    If the skirt is a light fabric eg: cotton, silk then you could wear something strappy or a nice pair of pointy shoes.
  10. It's not a heavy fabric, just has a substantial look to it - I tried it on with a just below the knee skirt but thought it to be too short (need a little more drama) I live in Miami, the party is in Orlando in May. The jacket will stay on (just a thin cami under it) the whole evening. I'll be wearing a Chanel med. tote. Any help? Thx for all your attention to my query. Oh I forgot, the skirt will be not be a heavy fabric (haven't found it yet).
  11. I like the sound of the length of the skirt with a slight flare (fish tail ) I would go with some kind of ankle strap with a pointy toe to elongate your'e legs.

    Hope this helps, have fun, You will look great !!
  12. You are a sweetheart and I soooo appreciate your fashion sense.