What shoes (designer and style name) ???

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  1. Hi ladies - I am trying to find out what shoes Nicole Richie is wearing in this photo. I thought they might be CLs, but confirmed with CL - they are not.

    I need the designer and style name - if known.

    Any help would be great. TIA!:smile:

    Photo credit:
    OK Magazine /October 6,2008

    Attached Files:

  2. ^^They're probably Versace. Sorry, don't know the style.
  3. Thanks so much...at least that points me in a direction to spend the next few hours...hehehe.:smile:
  4. WOW!!! Thank you so very much!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Yes Givenchy...
    Style is : MATELASSÉ
    from Fall/Winter 2008
  6. absolutely right-givenchy!
  7. Eh, for some reason on Nicole they look good but the tan ones look like cheap plastic. Hopefully it's just the lighting or w/e. they are really cute shoes though, leave it to TPF members to find it for you.
  8. :yahoo:OMG!!! I actually found them - in my size (hoping they run small like CL, got a 38.5) and black!!!

    Thank you ladies so very much!!!:tup:

    I agree the browns don't look that great, I searched for a hour after Alice1979, posted the link to the name and info...but all I found was sold out and brown.

    So I went to the Givenchy website and looked up US stores and bingo :nuts:- Barneys has them. They have size 8.5 and 11 - if anyone is interested.


    Thanks again, everyone - I would have never found them without your help.:ty: