What shoes/boots are you hoping Santa will bring?

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  1. Well its that time of year again. Have you been an extra good girl this year? What shoes or boots are you hoping santa will bring you? My list is -

    Gianmarco Lorenzi pointy pumps

    House Of Dereon Knee High Boots

    Louboutin Pigalle or Gwenissima pumps
  2. ohh I want another pair of Chloe boots please Santa, the pull on ones, in Chocolate brown, and yes, a lovely pair of CL yoyos, or zeppas would be lovely too ;)
  3. chloe boots :biggrin: they're sooooooooo pretty.
  4. I want Louboutin volga boots, stella mccartney velvet pumps and michael kors shoes.
  5. Well, Santa came a bit early (and doesn't even know..:graucho: )...check these GORGEOUS CLs I just got from NAP:

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  6. Ohh, I want to so many! lol! But I really want Uggs, it gets sooo cold in the morning!
  7. Ooh!!! I would really like to have another pair of Sue London's ballet flats.
    But since I've been super good this year, I really want a pair of Lanvin flats.

  8. Lanvin flats in every colour!! Though I'd settle for a bronze or red pair to add to the collection. ;)
  9. These Cole Haan/G series boots. They've got the nike insoles so they are sooo comfy! I have been on the search for the perfect black boots and these were on sale at bloomies for $100! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow :yahoo:

  10. The Black Guccisimo Tennis with Red and Green stripe!