What shoes are you wearing with wide-legged jeans?

  1. I love wide-legged jeans, but I am having trouble deciding on the type of shoes to wear with them? I read in one of the mags that they need to be worn with round toes. I definitely need some sort of heel or platform. My pants are about 4" too long.

    Any ideas?
  2. I wear wedges, stilettos, strappy heels, round toe, pointy toe, boots, flats if the pants are short enough.... I wear wideleg pants with everything, but on me they look the most flattering with a high wedge :shrugs:
  3. i wear pumps at least 3". makes my legs look longer. :smile:
  4. usually flats of some sort. I don't usually wear heels with jeans unless I'm going out somewhere.
  5. :yes: Me, too. Most of my jeans and pants are wide leg, so I wear them with all types of shoes.
  6. Ballerina flats, soon with my new gucci royals :love:
  7. I'm shorter so to keep the look long and lean, I always, always wear high heels with wide-legged pants. I prefer a stacked wedge myself, since I've gotten tangled up in the hem with stilettos before...And I love a rounded toe peeking out from the hem.
  8. round toed wedges/stacked heels are definitely your best bet.
  9. I love wearing my flats with my wide legged jeans, I wore my black pointy toed flats only cuz I have long feet and the wide leg covers half my shoe. I'd love to wear heels but all my jeans are the perfect flat length and would be high waters if I wore heels!
  10. I'm fairly tall so I usually wear flats. However, i also have a pair that are too long and I wear chunkier heels or stilettos with them :smile:
  11. plattforms and stilletos.
  12. All types of shoes..but I think they look best with stiletto pumps for a fancier look, wedges/espadrilles for a casual look.
  13. My closet is filled with all sorts of wedges and espadrilles. I am an espadrille fanatic.

    Will wedges and espadrilles be hot this Spring?
  14. That's my philosophy, too. Try them with all kinds of shoes because you'll be surprised what works. Good luck.
  15. Definitely with heels, they sure make your legs look longer.