What SHOES are you wearing today?

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  2. 12292018DSC_3141.jpg 12292018DSC_3142.jpg Leonardo Principi in navy for cold wet weather.
  3. Wore my 3 favorite recent sparkly purchases last night to the Nutcracker Ballet. The Gucci shoes are what caught everyone’s attention. They literally sparkled like a diamond (well. A thousand diamonds).

  4. anna nucci heels.very uncomfortable to wear and poor quality. the shoes caused my feet to have blisters even after wearing it for some time. paid $50+ and really regretted buying from this brand.
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    Nicholas Kirkwood Beya pony hair
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    Hermes Python Oasis
  7. Tried these on yesterday: Chloe Lauren sneakers not the Dior’s. Might size up? They fit smaller than Alexander McQueen Larry sneakers although the Chloe Lauren sneakers definitely have high instep (?) it’s a deep shoe and Pink Tea is lovely colour