What SHOES are you wearing today?

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  1. Givenchy Foldover Booties
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  2. Not the first time wearing them but first time to take pictures
    CL sneakers - love them so much and also comfortable

  3. IMG_7884.jpg
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  4. IMG_1722.jpg

    Nike Velvet 97s
  5. Saint Laurent high top trainers:
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  7. Pretty Pink Rockstuds:P:heart:
  8. Chanel slingback! :heart:
  9. Valentino
  10. I’m wearing my very cool all stars IMG_0812.jpg
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  11. Thank you :biggrin: Me too. So comfy and also an amazing price, £280 brand new!
    I am a little obsessed with Valentino RS though and probably need to stop lol
  12. Chanel IMG_1265.jpg
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  13. NK Beya
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  14. These are gorgeous!!! Where did huh get them ??? I want a pair! Are they flats?