What SHOES are you wearing today?

  1. Gorgeous Chanels! Absolutely love them!
  2. Donald Pliner Strappy Lace-up Heels
    DonaldPlinerLaceupSandal4-1.jpg DonaldPlinerLaceupSandal3-1.jpg
  3. Wow talk about gorgeous these shoes are fantastic.
  4. Thank you so much. They are really comfortable too.
  5. Went to Summer Ball last night!!

    After months of practice I finally wore my Casadei Blades - combined with my Gucci dress

    Had wonderful time, DH said I look fabulous. I think he was a bit jealous with amount of attention I got. Not often you get chance to really dress up
    Casadei_Blade.jpg 108787_fr_dl.jpg
  6. Thank you! I love the color combination of green and purple with the red heart jewels. :smile:
  7. Oh my!! Those fierce Casadeis deserved to be seen, and not hidden under that gorgeous Gucci dress! Beautiful pairing!
  8. Hot stuff!
  9. Thanks Coco I am still on a bit of a high having managed to go most of the evening wearing them, and looking elegant and not tripping over! :yahoo:
    The dress has a side split so actually they were revealed to all as I walked around, a bit Angelina like. I could only manage a few slow dances with DH whilst wearing them but I was floating on cloud nine, :cloud9:well actually higher than cloud none given the height of those heels:heart:

  10. Yay!! You were victorious in maintaining elegance in the Casadei blades! And, that was no small achievement in those heels! I hear both, the joy and relief in your words.

    A side split, revealing the legs and heels is very sexy! :loveeyes: Sounds like an unforgettable night at the ball with your DH!

  11. Matisse jeweled sandals
    Matissesandals5-1.jpg matisse001-1.jpg
  12. cute detail
  13. Those shoes are amazing!
  14. Sandals i bought on my trip to beirut
  15. Those are sexy!