What SHOES are you wearing today?

  1. Thanks F&F. I really love them too they are really pretty.
  2. These are adorable and they look comfortable too.
  3. lovely pop!
    love these - :heart: chloe

    you have the most unique shoes, these are cute!
  4. yesterday/today
  5. ^thank you...they are!

    ^thank you! you have an amazing collection of unique shoes yourself.

    ^the first pair are wonderful! great color & I love cutouts.

    marc jacobs to church this morning...havaianas for the rest of the day ;)

  6. Thanks so much Airborne, I love these Chloe wedges so much that I bought the same shoe in navy.
    Totally cute once again F&F. I will have you know seeing your CL's sent me looking for something similar. I ended up finding Marina Liege 140 leather wedge sandals from NAP and ordered them.
  7. Like the brown shoes what are they?
  8. Donald J. Pliner cork wedges
  9. lucky brand my dear :smile:
  10. Thanks airborne!:smile:
  11. Donald Pliner sandals
    DonaldPlinerSandals2-1.jpg DonaldPlinerSandals3-1.jpg
  12. [​IMG]

    aldo heels :smile:
  13. Love the colors of these.
  14. Bottega Veneta.
  15. Didn't wear these out, but decided to wear them around the house in my new PJ's hahahaha... Brian Atwood Leopard Pony Powers... Also looking at how scary tall I am in them!