What shoes are you wearing today?

  1. Me, I'm in my Nike Pink/white Flipflops because I've been doing gardening most of the day.

    You? :heart:
  2. I wore a pair of Valentino white faux snakeskin stilettos, open toed with a gold "t strap" chain.
  3. Black heels
  4. Purple suede Gucci pointed toe, kitten heels
  5. Barefoot :P But earlier today I wore a pair of white patent leather peep toe slingbacks :smile:
  6. My Favourite black pointy boots. :love:
  7. silver studded black marc jacobs ballet flats...they are so cute!!
  8. New Coach slide in cream I got compliment today~
  9. marc jacobs white slides
  10. very cute Birkenstock "knockoffs" from Avon-a suede thong with turquoise and beige beads with some bronze sequins!
  11. white and gold addidas, but later when I get changed to go out, I'll be wearing my patent bright red ballet shoes.
  12. Today I'm wearing cream and gold colored Coach sandals... I love Coach shoes, they're always so comfortable :heart:
  13. all star for me today...i'm at home!:shame:
  14. Clarks blue ankle strap wedge dolly type shoes...great for summer and great for driving too :smile:
  15. Gucci pink and gold flip flops with a kitten heel :biggrin:
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