What shoes are you craving right now? Post pics/links! :)

  1. fiery - Ahh!! How do you like your Miu Miu's? Is the sizing TTS?
  2. ^Hi there!! Hmm, well, sort of. My newest Miu Miu flats (the cream/black patent ones) are a 37. I LOVE them!! :love: I really want the ones I posted, too! :girlsigh: So, all of my other Miu Miu's besides the cream/black patent are a 37.5... so I don't know if they run big, or sizing has changed slightly. In most shoes, I wear anywhere from a 7 to 7.5... I only wear an eight in European brands (CL, etc.). :smile:
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  4. Frye 15R Engineers

  5. i need theeeseeeee...




  6. [​IMG]

    lol not that i would be able to afford them...
  7. I need the shoes in my siggy!
  8. miss gucci what is the name/style number of the hunters you posted? They look functional and comfy!
  9. CL 'Engin' spike heels in nude
    Guiseppe Zanotti 'Fishbone' sandals in nude
    Prada 'Mohawk' velvet peeptoes in navy

    I have so many pairs of shoes that I hardly ever wear and yet I keep wanting more ... ridiculous!