What shoes are you craving right now? Post pics/links! :)

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  1. Hi ladies! I couldn't find a similar thread, so I thought I'd start one (if there already is one, my apologies... a mod can close this one)! Sooo... what shoes do you wish you could buy/had an occasion to justify buying/would sell your kidney for if you could haha?! :P I'll start with some shoes I love! :smile:

    Rene Caovilla Plisse Chiffon Platform... even the sold is silver glitter :love: (They are SO stunning and total lingerie for the feet, but I have absolutely nowhere to wear them and would be terrified to ruin the fabric):
    Plisse Chiffon Platform*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    Miu Miu black glitter platform cutout sandals!
    Miu Miu Glitter Cut-Out Sandal at Barneys New York

    CL "Fetiche" (I hope I got that right) black patent pump. I have waaay too many black (and black patent, at that!) shoes, but the curved heel on this is so sexy and Old Hollywood it kills me!!
    Patent Platform Pump*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    YSL Burgundy patent Tributes (don't need another burgundy shoe, even if this is a comfy platform)!
    Tribute Platform Sandal*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    CL glitter Ron Ron (I'd take Anthracite, Marine AND Oxblood... and maybe a VP instead of one Ron Ron)!
    Christian Louboutin Ron Ron at Barneys New York
  2. I am in love with these Rupert Sandersons, from NAP. I see shoes I want every day!

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  3. ^Ohhh, they are fun!! :nuts: Haha, me too. :P :sweatdrop:
  4. Fiery--those Fetiche are cute! Are they kindof like a declic style?
  5. dbeth - Hi! :smile: Ohhhh, I actually owned the cerise patent MCs... I say owned, because they looked bad on me so I returned them. :sad: I hope you get them... and your UHGs!!! :flowers:

    Hmmm, the Fetiche does kinda remind me of a Declic with a curved heel! :nuts: I can't get them, because I have decolletes and other black patent shoes... but that doesn't mean I don't want them! :drool:
  6. oh those caovilla shoes are TDF! twice now i've woken up from a dream of finding caovilla shoes on clearance at saks for $50. so sad that dream ended.
  7. Ahh, I'm with you on that!! :nuts: I found an absolutely STUNNING pair at NM last call, but I couldn't do it, because there were some missing rhinestones and a little rubbing on the metallic... and I'm too anal to accept that for what was still $500ish shoe, down from $1200... I still dream about them. :girlsigh:

  8. maryelle - I absolutely love both!! :love: The Lace Bouquet is so gorgeous... I have something kinda similar, but the price is also a lot higher than what I paid for mine (nude satin/black lace yoyo zeppas). :sweatdrop: The Burgundy Tributes must be mine when they go on sale!!! :nuts:
  9. I'm also really in love with Prada's fall collection:

    these booties seem pretty versatile, and in true Prada fashion, sooo comfy:

    Suede Bootie -  Neiman Marcus

    There is also a pair of maroon suede pumps that I can't find a picture of...they are also gorgeous.

    Have you girls noticed the new preponderance of over the knee boots? They seem to be a part of a lot of Fall fashion. Now...unless you're 6' tall and have nice skinny legs, how can you wear otk boots that come up mid-thigh?!
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    ColdSteel - I love flats for running around in... the first pair actually reminds me of these JC flats that I saw a few years back (I remember seeing purple, orange, silver, etc.)... see, I have weird feet, and I think the cutouts would bother me... but I LOVE anything in metallic silver! The second pair would be a great "no worries" pair of flats! :smile:

    Pishi - Those booties are soo cute!! :love: Haha, yes! :nuts: Every designer is doing an OTK (I had to think for a second when I saw that abbreviation on various sites haha... but the product pic said it all!) boot. Honestly, they're a bit too much for me... dominatrix comes to mind haha (especially with the OTK patent versions... but knee high is sexy). :P I know a lot of looks center around these boots worn as pants, but I could never pull that off... I wasn't blessed with the 5'11" "legs up to there" body type these boots need!! :nuts:
  11. I want a pair of high heeled Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots, like hers:
    all things nyc: getting a kick out of it

    They are so far out of my price range its not even funny, but a girl can dream, right?