What shoe should I wear with this dress?

  1. I recently bought this dress and need to know if I should wear a bright colored shoe and accessories or stick to black? pump, strappy, peep toed....? I am wearing it to a night time wedding. Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Okay - I'll put in my two cents worth - LOL! I think you should get black patent leather strappy high heels. The shine will work well with what appears to be a gauze overlay on the dress. A color accent like red would be fun for a club night but not for a wedding. This is my take - someone else might differ???
  3. i say do bright. magenta would look wicked with thar dress. Teal/turq would look reall good too. I say wear peep toes and a clutch and a gorgeous pair of earrings
  4. Thanks ladies, keep them coming. The dress is silk so it it shiny.
  5. I like the bright shoe idea! Red or Turquoise like angelie suggested. =O)-
  6. I like the bright shoe idea also...if you go with black heels then get a great colored clutch, that would pop against the dress. Let us know what you decide.
  7. I vote bright....maybe red, fuschia or a cute green...black is safe and you can't go wrong, but color would be fun!!
  8. I like Angelie's suggestion - bright colors pop nicely against black/white graphics. I am thinking hot pink rolandos perhaps?
  9. omg the hot pink rolandoes would look sooooooo good. THe electric blue ones are tdf too
  10. I'm thinking silver stiletto's and accessories would look great for evening. And a great silver clutch!
  11. black or red patent heels
  12. Any color BUT black or white! Purple or teal (especially patent) would look great, as would silver/pewter.
  13. I think that although black and silver are boring alternatives they are more relevant to evening generally speaking. It all depends on the level of the dressiness expected. I wouldn't wear colored shoes to a black tie affair since to me it is just not as elegant. If you're talking "Aunt Sue and all the cousins" - well have at it! But that could be the old lady in me! I'm sounding like my own mother!!
  14. Anything patent should do the trick. I think an open toe stiletto in red is what I would personally choose.