What shoe is this?! Violet Chachki's heels

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  1. I can tell it's custom crystals, but what is the name of this style of shoe? I'm obsessed with it. Violet Chachki is wearing it so I know it's real.


  2. The picture is not showing up, can you upload again ?
  3. My bad, my wifi wasn't connecting properly, those aren't real, their fetish heels you can get online, I own a similar pair IMG_20190309_180153.jpg
  4. IMG_0144.JPG

    I’m pretty sure they are real because I know she works with real designers like Prada and other perform red Dita Von Teese who is like a close personal friend of Christian. I don’t think she would wear fakes around Dita...
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  5. Not real, she likes to tag the designers whenever she posts a picture, here are the heels before they were stoned Screenshot_20190309-205816.jpg Screenshot_20190309-205840.jpg
  6. Wow that’s so disappointing and gross.
  7. How is gross and disappointing? Louboutin doesn't make those type of fetish heels
  8. She painted them red and is trying to make them look like louboutins. Fake designer is a really horrible industry and it’s tacky and it’s sad to see her participating it.
  9. She didn't paint the bottom red, they already came like that
  10. In the pic you attached from when they were black I think you can see it doesn’t have a red bottom?

    But, if they did have a red bottom when they were black how do you know they are fake?

    I’m guessing they are just custom louboutin (which he does if you go to his boutique in Paris). She’s spoken out about wearing fakes before so it’s honestly very surprising if they are.

    I’m really just trying to find the style name or at least the name of the shape they are based off of?
  11. Because I own a similar pair!!! Mine came with the red bottoms too. Violet is known to wear a bunch of extreme fetish heels, their not louboutins, their just extreme fetish heels

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  12. These are the ones she has on

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  13. Ugh. That’s just disappointing then. I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing a fake designer item. I guess I could paint the bottom not red?