What shocks you the most about the price increase?

  1. I was bummed to see the Epi Speedy go up so high, the Manhattan GM and the jewerly get hit by this increase! What shocks you the most about the increase?
  2. Think the timing, with the results of the poor holiday season for retailers in general and the economies taking a downturn, companies would think long and hard about increasing prices (especially a company that never runs a sale
  3. Once a year we can mostly deal with, but the fact that it happens twice a year

  4. I totally agree with this. Well said! Also LV already had a price increase in July 07 which means 2 price increases in 6 months! We should be looking at what the prices were pre-July increase and compare them to today, to see what percentage they have risen.
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing. I have no idea how they expect people to be able to afford LV if they hike the prices up 2 times a year. And for coated canvas, not even real leather!! I mean are they serious?? IMO Gucci has so many cuter styles cuz they do different stuff all the time and THEY GO ON SALE!

    Don't get me wrong, I still love LV but it's getting more and more out of my reach due to price increases and ridiculous pricing!


    It's like hmmm lets see, should I get a new purse or pay my mortgage payment...........well...................:rolleyes: hehe
  6. It doesn't shock me. It pisses me off. LV is already expensive as hell. They can't say they don't make enough money already by overpricing then they want to jack THAT price up!
  7. I want to go check out the new prices but I'm procrastinating after reading everyones posts! Oh well, at least its not Chanel's 22%, right? (still sucks though! >:sad: )
  8. you know that since LV is sold in Japan the sales have grown with 60%! A YEAR! (correct me if i'm wrong, this was stated in the MJ+LV documentary i think)
    so i guess they don't need the increases! but we need LV! but not for those ridiciolous prices!
  9. I don't get it..in fact I'm taking it personally. They don't want me to be able to afford another LV bag. :rolleyes:
  10. That by the time you get used to one set of prices, it goes up again! I agree with what was said earlier, it especially sucks because it's a company that never puts anything on sale! Granted, that's what keeps the values up but still, LV PLEASE just ONCE a YEAR!!!!
  11. Everyone keeps comparing it to the Chanel price increase and saying at least it isn't the 20% or so that Chanel hit their customers with. However, given that each price increase for LV has been around 5-7% and 2 in a six month period, we are actually moving towrds the same pace of increase that Chanel is at! LV just is doing it little bt by little bit, where Chanel went for it all at once, 2 very different marketing strategies but most of us are still buying.

    I think that both brands are aiming to be more and more exclusive and the fastest way to gain that status is to make your product so expensive that only a select group of people can purchase it. It is a bummer for sure, I just hate these increases.
  12. Pretty soon people will think long and hard about buying LV. I mean if the price of a canvas bag is going to be as high as a beautiful Chanel then its a no brainer to get a better bag.
  13. I have seen no increase:confused1: hää?

    I looked at the vuitton site at the cles and they have the same prices ..
  14. does LV say why they r increasing the price? :confused1:
  15. Part of me can KINDA understand why they need to do increases-- if they really are paying their craftsmen a livable wage, and need to give them annual pay increases at the very least the rate of inflation which is what... 4% or something ??, then I can understand why they have increases to offset it.

    But to do it twice a year?? Hmmm... Seems like something else is going on. Time to read that book "How luxury lost it's luster."