What shocks people about you?

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  1. Based of my looks people always assume I'm dumb and materialistic but it's always funny to see their surprise when the find out what kind of car I drive (2010 Dodge Ram 2500 lifted ) btw I'm only 5' so it's like twice the fun seeing people's reaction. Also when they see my calculus tattoo they tend to question what they thought about me. What makes people change their perception of you?
  2. Interesting thread.

    Many assume I am much younger than actual age.
    And that my skill areas/education level are much different than actual.
    They mistake my kindness for weakness.
    And my cheerfulness for lack of comprehension.
    Many assume that my not saying much equals my not thinking/doing much.

    One random stranger believed I was an angel.
    When he saw me sitting next to a pigeon on concrete.
    But, I'm guessing he was chemical-loaded pretty heavily.

    What changes perceptions about me?
    Besides time & strong coffee with honest conversation?
    Not sure. And don't really try to do so.
    Needing to prove stuff to others wastes my time.
  3. I'm only 5' tall, 40 years old and married with kids. I dress according to my age and rarely wear anything too revealing but what shocks people is my music choice; my favorite band is Rammstein and I'm dying to see them in concert one day!...LOL
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  4. Growing up many people thought that I was a b!tch based on my look. I often heard people say "at first I didn't like/didn't think I would like you, but once I got to know you, I was surprised". :-s
  5. Aren't you only like 17? Can you get tattoos if you're under 18 where you live?
  6. Interesting idea for a thread. Most people are surprised that I'm very sarcastic, have tattoos and love heavy metal. I don't look the type I guess.
  7. My music taste and the fact that I got a tattoo at the age of 14.

  8. I got 4 tattoos in Hawaii when I was 16 all you need is an i.d and parental consent
  9. Rammstein is by far the best concert I've ever been to!

    That being said, people are shocked to know I'm not a biotch as my RBF would insinuate, I'm also not particularly materialistic, I'm actually well-rounded and well-read, and I love a variety of music.

  10. No fair...you can't just post in this thread and not share. So what shocks people about you Charles?
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  11. That I'm not a complete a$$hole??
  12. People seem shocked when they learn of my job and that I have my own house (bought not rented) and I'm only 22!
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  13. Probably a lot!

    People assume I'm very high maintenance because I wear heels every day; which is far from the truth.

    No one assumes I'm a fan of Anthrax and Mariah Carey.

    I have an ankh tattoo and people assume I have it because it's trendy, but I have a degree in Art History and have studied Egyptian Art in depth so it's always a nice surprise when they hear me spout off on the symbolism and relation to gods! ;)
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  14. i look like an angry person.. i dunno why.. that shocks people the most.. and I swear.. i dont get mad at all.. not even once a year
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  15. This is me, I'm not a smiley person so people assume I'm sad or angry. Really I'm super easy-going and at peace most of the time, I'm just not a bubbly, happy-go-lucky type. I try to teach people that serious does not equal sad.