What shipping service do you use to ship internationally?

  1. I am trying to ship a package to Hongkong and it keeps showing up at $75 to $140 for shipping!!! :wtf: ($140 for express) I tried searching on UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

    But when pfers buy from HK sellers, it's only $30 shipping for 3-day expressmail.


    Am I not searching in the right place? Please help.:shrugs:
  2. I had to send a package to Hong Kong. I tried UPS first - I went to a UPS store, and it was $185. Good grief!!! I ended up going through USPS (the post office), and it was only $34. My package was 5 pounds. I can't remember what it was called (I think it was Global Express Mail), but the delivery time was 4-6 days, and it was received within that time frame.

    When the UPS guy told me $185, I laughed. He laughed with me!
  3. I use USPS Global Express Mail (EMS)... last time I shipped out of the country, I sent a pair of jeans to Canada and it cost me about $20. The recipient received the package in about a week (including the time held in customs).... plus there is tracking and insurance up to $100. I also purchased additional insurance for a couple bucks more, just to be on the safe side (the jeans were worth $250).
  4. Is there something besides USPS? The 3 times I used USPS global priority mail, it got stuck in the US trying to find the address in the US! It got stuck even though it was the gray packaging and clearly stated that it wasn't the US. Anyway, they were each 2-month nightmares and I hope to not use USPS for international mail.
  5. I've shipped internationally once, and I've used USPS Global Express Mail (EMS). It arrived in 10 days and was reliable. It was around $40.

    I would recommend USPS Global EMS over Global Priority. EMS provides the first $100 of insurance for you (you can add additional insurance) and most of the time it is trackable. I tracked the package from the time it left the US until it was accepted into customs.
  6. I use national post too, express service with tracking.
  7. USPS EMS..definitely! fast, efficient, safe, and also cheap!
  8. USPS express shipping, cost around $50 with insurance and return receipt (which i apparently will never receive back LOL) and took hardly anytime at all to get to south korea
  9. USPS is the cheapest for international shipping imo.

    FedEx, DHL, and UPS are crazy expensive!
  10. I use this one too. Or USPS Global Priority.
  11. When I lived in the US, I usually used EMS (express mail service) or Global Priority from the post office. UPS & FedEx are just TOOOOO expensive!
  12. I have always used USPS EMS and have no problems. Recently they came up with a delivery guarantee, please read USPS - Global Express Mail

    I'm not sure if you meant you didn't put a US return address before you ship it out, so they were trying to look for one; or you have your return address right, but they were spending their own sweet time trying to figure out if the address is valid or not.
  13. i only use fedex
  14. UPS is crazy expensive n slow!!! I'm still awaiting a handbag and its still sitting in Kentucky. Its been a week. :\
    Normal mail might have been faster at that price.