What Shampoo do you use?

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  1. #1 Dec 14, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2009
    Ive been using Matrix Sleek look shampoo , and conditioner. It was great at first but, after 3 months or so it was drying me out. Dried my face to dandruff on my head. Worst ever.

    What are you using?
  2. L'oreal Everpure. Since using a sulfate free shampoo, my dry scalp/dandruff went away, my hair is softer and my color doesn't fade.

    I never realized how all of my hair ailments were coming from sulfates until I switch to a shampoo that didn't have any.
  3. ^Thanks
    are you using the smooth or moisture? have you tried both,one better than the other?
  4. I swap between L'Oreal Everpure (the moisture one) and Biolage hydrating shampoo and conditioning balm. My hair is very coarse and thick, tends to be dry, and I heat style and color it. Yes I have problems. :lol:

    I really like Everpure for a drugstore 'poo. It smells nice and I never had problems with it drying me out. I didn't notice that it held my color any longer than anything else, though.
  5. Really like Kerastase Bain Miroir shampoo and the hair masque.... never had a problem with it drying my hair. It's for color-treated hair.

  6. you know I had the same thing happen to me when I used the Matrix Sleek shampoo and I have never thought it was the shampoo that caused me dandruff and dry, itchy scalp...a year later, I still cannot get rid of it :crybaby:
    so it is the shampoo...oh my god... the same thing happened to me too...it was effective at first and then about 3 months later dried out my hair and ruined it. I wonder what's in the shampoo that caused all this damage...
  7. At the moment..I'm using Philosophy- coconut frosting. (smells wonderful..)
  8. bed head - comfort food! It smells great and you can get the liters for fairly cheap with an Ulta coupon. It has honey and oatmeal so it helps the moisture balance. I also use Redken Real Control Intensive Therapy for a deep conditioner.
    I work at a salon and still use Bed Head, I just think this is some of the best stuff other than Redken Blonde Glam when I am a blonde :smile:
  9. I use Kerastase and LOVE it
  10. I've been using Loreal Vive for a couple of years now,love it! I use that and the conditioner for color-treated,hi-lighted hair.
  11. Seconding Biolage Untra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm (I buy that stuff by the tub full). Been using if for years. Love it!
  12. I use Pureology and I LOVE it!!!
  13. Wow I use the Matrix Sleek and that's never happened to me... that's awful!
  14. I used to use Ojon which was really nourishing but switched to Finesse, my hair is really well behaved and strangely, shampoo makes no difference. I get the same results with almost every shampoo except Pantene, lol. That dried my hair out.

    How do you girls wash your hair? Do you tip it back or tip it forward under the shower? My hair is really long so I tip it forward, if I tip it back it gets really heavy when wet so I end up with a neck pain the next day.
  15. babydoll I wish my hair was heavy enough to have to tip it forward :lol: But, I tipped it back like I suspect most people do