what shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  1. Hey guys! I was wondering what shampoo and conditioner you use?

    Recently, I've been thinking about buying some more expenseive stuff, like FREDERIC FEKKAI; but im a little hesitant to spend my money on something im not even sure I'll like.

    So, do you guys stick with typical drug store brands (dove, pantene, herbal essences, etc) or do you buy higher end stuff like paul mitchell, redken, frederic fekkai, etc, etc....?

    Oh, and also - if you used a brand that you didnt like, please tell me what it was and why!

  2. TIGI hair products... dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner LOL :rolleyes:
  3. I switch between Aveda Color Conserve and Sap Moss
  4. I use Bumble & Bumble seaweed shampoo and conditioner and I like it very much but I too am wondering whether the cheaper drugstore brands wouldn't be just as good - I have highlighted hair so I do need a good product.
  5. L'Occitane Olive Harvest shampoo and conditioner because it smells nice and my mum used to make an olive oil mixture to put on my hair but I don't have time now so this will do.

    Dove is a good substitute in desperate situations (one v.slight nag, the texture feels weird like fat floating on water)

    Bad ones: Head and Shoulders; you don't get dandruff because all your hair fall out. Paul Mitchell; my hair 'spa' lady says that it's too chemical, especially the smell they put in it.
  6. L'Oreal's hair care products work best for my hair.

    Like cosmetics, costly hair care products don't necessarily mean higher quality. A good chunk of the pricetag on the higher-end products is due to marketing, marketing, and...more marketing (you get the picture).
    In the end, it all boils down to how your hair reacts to the chemical make-up of the product itself.
  7. Redken Smooth Down. I love Redken, my hair always comes out feeling so smooth and shiny.
  8. How is Paul Mitchell "too chemical" exactly? And what specific smell? I'm just curious as to how she came to these conclusions.

    The majority of the Paul Mitchell line contains Awapuhi which is a plant widely used for its natural fragrance as well as moisturizing capabilities. All products, with the exception of actual ALL natural products, contain some kind of "chemicals."

    I guess I just take offense to that statement because I happen to LOVE the company that I work for!!!
  9. Pantene Full & Thick all the way!
  10. Right now, Bath and Body works smoothing shampoo and conditioner.
  11. Biolage (sp?) I love this stuff. Then I use Pantene Pro V (3 minute resoration - cant think of the exact name) as a second conditioner (on days when I am going to be straightening my hair) or Infusion 23 leave in conditioner (on days when I am just pulling my hair back in a pony tail).
  12. I must apologise if I cause offence.:flowers:

    Called the lady, she says: Put it this way, you can use the Awapuhi shampoo for your body as well. OK, it's designed for that so it's half way between shower gel and shampoo, do you use your shower gel to wash your hair? I would love to hear your take so I can argue with my hair 'spa' lady.

    Now this is MY own personal preference: I don't like the spicy hint (EDIT: from the Awapuhi?).
  13. I love Redken. I use the color protector line (red bottle) and it's great. I have lots of Redken styling product as well.
  14. So it's only the Awapuhi shampoo that has caused your 'spa' lady to assume the entire Paul Mitchell line is bad? Awapuhi shampoo was designed for and is marketed as simply that-a shampoo. Some of the products are gentle enough to be used as a body wash if it is so desired. There has been nothing added to the products to deem them a "body wash". Paul Mitchell manufacturers professional hair care products, not body care products. The only exception to this is within our Tea Tree line where we do make a bar soap, hand soap, and shave gel. I do not know where your 'spa' lady is getting her information, but it seems to be slightly flawed.

    I'm not certain what you are referring to as "spicy". I don't consider any of the products to have any kind of spicy smell, but then again, everyone smells things differently.

    I do not expect everyone to love Paul Mitchell-everyone is entitled to their own personal preferences. My only concern is that incorrect information regarding the product line is being presented. I'm certainly not here to argue about shampoo-I'm here for purses!

    And now I'm stepping down off of my soapbox....:rolleyes:
  15. I've used different ones from the salon like Paul Mitchell, Biolage, etc. But Garnier Fructis Smooth and Shine has worked the best for me. For 3 bucks a bottle, you can't go wrong. I have very thick frizzy hair also.