what shall I do?

  1. Before my ID was suspended I paid a UK seller for a Burberry cuff.. she told me that she sent it on 08.01.07 but did not receive it up to this time. she told me that she sent it but did not provide a tracking number. I opened a dispute to paypal. she said that she have a friend who got the same bracelet and she will send it to me. to be honest, I do not believe her that she sent it as she cant provide proof of postage. and now, she promised me that she sent it already last monday. and now, i got a mail from paypal saying that the dispute will expire on monday and if in case I will close it I will not be able to re open it. or I can escalate claim to paypal... shall I escalate claim to paypal even she said that she already sent it last monday? please advice. thanks!
  2. Yes! Escalate to a paypal claim immediately. This may be your only shot in getting your money back.
  3. In addition, even if she sent it out, escalate to a claim anyway, you can always close the claim, you will be be punished in anyway if you decide to do this, and I would strongly suggest it, even if she has not even sent you and sort of tracking information, and even when she does, keep the claim open until you get your product.
  4. Unless you have it in your hands, I would escalate...