What shall I do now?

  1. Deal was closed last month but buyer has not transfer the money as I didnt accept paypal from an account with confirmed address. She did suggest paying by paypal a few times but I'm not too comfortable. Bag cost $1275. Shipping was stated as usd50 with tracking from Singapore.

    She emailed me today and told me she has made payment using bank transfer. ( after nearly 2 weeks )

    But she said she paid me $1500 for the bag in another color. ( She asked me if I could sell her the gold bag at $1275 but I told her I am only willing to sell it for $1500. She didnt confirm with me that she wants it and that was her last email to me before she let me know she made payment )

    But now, there's a shipping charge of $50 that she didnt pay and I kindly let her know about this. She replied me and said that I am selling much higher price than other seller for that gold bag already and she doesnt want to pay for the shipping...

    What shall I do now?
  2. A robbery? I cannot believe this! Did you close the first deal w/ her at an eBay auction? If so, it's a binding contract and she cannot just change her mind. I suggest you tell her that you will have to ship her the one you both agreed on (since it's a contract), and will give her the rest as a store credit. If she is not happy about it, she has to pay for the $50 shipping and then you will cancel the first deal.
  3. why not tell her to send the $50 via paypal (it isn't as much as the actual bag's price, right?) as you didn't arrange no shipping in the first place.
    otherwise, i would tell her that you will ship the bag she originally bought, and that you will refund her after shipping. she should have arranged with you first, if it is ok to include shipping in the bag's price, IMO.
  4. I'm sorry this happened. She's made a deal w/ you now outside of eBay so you don't have recourse.

    What is this buyer's feedback like?

    I'm in agreement that you should send her the bag she bought through eBay, and refund the difference.

    It might save you hassles in the long run....... what if you have problems w/ her after she gets the 1500 bag??
  5. I agree. Just ask her to paypal the shipping or say you will send the original bag and paypal her the difference. That way you don't incur any fees for bank transfer.
  6. ^^ I'll second that - hope it works out for you.
  7. Well, the problem is, my paypal isnt working at the moment. Someone recently paid for a bag I sold and paypal limited my account to investigate as they think that that's a scam money.

    I did what paypal asked me to do. Faxed all sort of stuffs to verify myself but they said they cant release the funds and the account at the moment as the buyer hasnt settle hers.

    I cant believe this though. But I'm fine with that.

    And today, she just emailed me again to tell me that she has JUST sent payment. So apparently when she told me that she has sent the payment, she's just delaying it. She's new to ebay with 1 feedback. Located in Bahrain? Because I'm not familiar with that country, I didn't want to accept paypal from her.

  8. if i was you, i wouldnt have sold her any of the bags . If she causes so much trouble now and is being cheeky about swapping the bag for another one and refusing to pay for the shipment because another seller got paid less money for the bag ( ! :wtf: ) what will happen later ? report her to Ebay as a non paying buyer ( she should have made a payment within a week from auction end ) and block her from future auctions. just my 2 cents.