What shades do you wear when you rock with ur LV?

  1. :supacool: Are your shades LV too?
    I wear Just Cavalli shades!
  2. Chanel, Fendi, and Gucci.
  3. Yes, LV too!:supacool:

  4. I have a pair of LV sunnies.. they're the one with the Koala buckle on the side. But I also do wear other designer sunnies.. it just depends on my outfit. :yes:
  5. Mine are Chanel 5102's in black.
  6. It used to be Chanel and Gucci, but since I got my Conspiration GM's, they're all I wear:
  7. My Louis Vuitton Gina Sunglasses in honey! :]
  8. chanel and bvlgari
  9. ohhh i like too much !!:tup:
  10. LV shades. Once you've gone there, there's no way back, a totally different quality!
  11. I dont' have any LV sunnies...yet! Fendi, Dior or Gucci for me.
  12. chanel and gucci
  13. Soupcon GM in Light Glitter Honey or Obsession Rond in Noir!!!
    IMG_4149.JPG IMG_4138.jpg
  14. My Cavalli shades... it was a windy day!
  15. I wear Chanel all the time, must get an LV pair soon!