What shade of pink is this?

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  1. I just chanced on this color in Mika's blog - I am not sure what color is this...

    Can anyone enlighten me abt the leather color, what leather is this & what size is she carrying?

    Photos attached are extracted from mika's blog.

    20070625201314.jpg 20070625201333.jpg 20070626132820.jpg 20070626162734.jpg
  2. if you can provide link to this site, I can try to provide to you what the site says about this bag (i.e., color)
  3. ^^^Please! I am curious myself. This color is big news!!!
  4. Sure is pretty!

  5. It says as follows:

    It is a "baby pink" in 30 in taurillion clemence. It is a very cute pink. It was a special order, so it is probably the only one availabe in Japan? It is difficult to tell based on this lighting, so please come to the store and take a look. The color can be described as rose shocking and rose dragee divided by two. They are not permitted to make this color in leathers other than croc, so this is rather rare. Please contact us for pricing.
  6. Thanks. This is the first baby rose I've seen in a non-exotic. Must have just come out.
  7. GORGEOUS!:drool::heart:
  8. Love this!
  9. PS There was a comment posted by a user saying that she just saw this bag and was going to return to purchase it so please set it aside. Safe bet it's gone.
  10. this is simply MY kind of color & I wld love to add this color in my list (after fuchsia, roseshocking & cyclamen), lol

    - anyone here knows if this is the upcoming color? (like maybe hermes has plans to produce more pink tones for 07/08???)

    I wonder if this color wld be avail. for anyone that has the opportunity to do a SO (or is this color only avail for the VVVIPs?)
  11. A yummy shade of pink!
  12. btw, thanks tokyogirl for helping with the translation - really appreciated your help here! :biggrin:
  13. Lovely. About ten years or more ago, I remember seeing a blurb and photo of a Japanese violinist who had a box Kelly in a shade almost exactly like this one, and it was customized with musical notes in the lower right hand corner. It was really lovely.
  14. hermesgroupieand bbbochapMy pleasure:tup: