What shade is new "NATURAL" patent leather?

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  1. Hmmm... It looks more yellowish than the traditional CL Nude. Almost Camel, but not quite?

    For a second though, I wondered if CL finally corrected what I think of as the somewhat odd description of "Nude", since people come in all different colors. There are so many shades of the human nude, using that word definitively seems a little outdated to me.

    My skin actually matches the Bone color.
  2. It's orangy in the video but when it stops it's more like a sand..
  3. I think it's a misnomer....
    Often department stores or secondary retailers will give their own color name than what the brand has designated. The same thing happens for style names.
    So in this case, it's just Saks calling it "natural" - but there's no change to the real designer color name which still looks like CL's classic "Nude" to me.