what services will COACH do for their merchendise?

  1. the reason why i ask is becuase of my mini skinny, its got a couple of little dings and a small faded red pen mark:rant: . what can they do for it/me lol?
  2. For basic cleaning, COACH will more than likely recommend their products, however it's not recommended for ink...I would advise you to call 888-262-6224 to hear what to use straight from them. You can't send it in to them for cleaning, because they don't do that.

    Coach will repair your items, you just have to send it in, and they charge you $20. They can do shoulder straps, hangtags (i've done this several times for belts and it's free).

    But like I said before, call the 888 number for all the details.
  3. thanks!! what about stitching? or should i just call them,
  4. i would definitely call them...if it's fraying and it's a defect, they may replace it completely.
  5. I called them earlier to see about a strap replacement but unfortunately the bag I have is limited edition so they don't have a strap for it. Now I won't even send this in cause there's no way they can fix it but the good news is I can use other straps with dogleash clip on both ends for this bag so it's all good.
  6. Over the years, I've had Coach replace a strap because the color left streaks on my shirt in the rain, replace a bag 3 different times because the top handles kept flaking off on the edges, and replace missing hang tags numerous times. None of these ever cost me a dime, which is part of why I love Coach so much.

    After replacing the flaky handle bag three separate times over a year and a half period, I finally gave up and returned it for a full refund. (Always save Coach receipts!) When that model turned up in the outlets, I made it my business to steer people away from it if I ever saw someone looking like they might buy one. I even warned the SAs in the outlet store (this was Hagerstown MD about 5 years ago) about that model, so they wouldn't be surprised if people started returning them not long after purchase.

    I always seem to have the bad luck with weird bag defects. ::sigh::
  7. aww really? that sucks :sad: its just the mini skinny, i guess ill head over tomorrow after class (NO WORK AFTER 1.5 STRAIGHT WEEKS WOOT!) and find out what i can do.
  8. Well, that's good to hear I wonder if it makes a difference if it's an outlet purchase or not. My first coach I exchanged twice because I was uncertain about the color and no charges for shipping the new bag out to me either time. (They didn't happen to have the color I wanted in stock.)
  9. the riverside coach store treated me like crap when it came to the skinny. so im going to really beat that up till its falling apart so they'll have to replace it. but i already vented that ina nother thread lol so dont have to bore you all again.
  10. LOL aarti!

    My question will be if I take my bag in and they make me pay $20 to ship it to their center to see if they can fix it (the bag is limited edition from maybe 2 years ago?) and they can't.....are they going to give me the bag back and a % off for something or are they going to keep the bag and give me retail of what the bag cost? If they can't fix the strap, I can still use it as a pouch or something. Just wondering.
  11. do you have the reciept?
  12. I scuffed my legacy hobo and the girls at the store were nice enough to "try" and fix it with leather cleaner and moisturizer. Didn't really help, but it was a nice gesture.
  13. Nope. No receipt on this one. I do know what it retailed for though (and they should have it in their system). But they should take care of it still right? I mean, it's the same as if someone got it as a gift.....:sad: