What series must die already?

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  1. I used to watch The Apprentice a couple of seasons ago but haven't been able to stomach the newer ones. I've been feeling the same way about Nip/Tuck (sorry Christian). I think that sometimes they should just let the show go off the air while it is still good (ala Seinfeld & Friends).
    What series do you wish they wouldn't make anymore of?
  2. Extreme Makeover-Home Edition...in fact, ABC needs to bring back the original Extreme Makeover.

    Other shows include, VH1's "I love the...", NBC's Studio 54....

    There are so many, but I guess these shows are still on for a reason...people are watching.

    ***Sorry in advance if I offended anyone who watches those shows***
  3. Yeah, I used to be big in The Apprentice, but not anymore.

    I had the biggest crush on Kwame!

    It needs another Omorosa, otherwise it'll die, just like Martha's version....which I never watched.
  4. 7th Heaven is long past due. Ugh! Why didn't they just end it last season like they originally planned, that show has gotten to be absolutly horrible.
  5. I never liked 7th Heaven! It was way too preachy for me.
  6. I agree about the Apprentice. Some of the comments the "Don" makes are so stupid and he seems to act so immature. It continually amazes me he has risen to the level he has? What about his comments to Rosy? Plus all these "super" star candidates mostly don't seem so. Maybe they choose them to make the show. I definitely have liked some of the winners though.

    I stopped watching Nip and Tuck - couldn't stomach it either.

    I miss Sex and the City! I do like Amazing Race alot.
  7. Family Guy. I know most people love it, but it's just repetitive and annoying these days.

    'Til Death is not all that funny. I'm surprised it's not cancelled yet.
  8. Family Guy was actually cancelled in 1999. But then the Cartoon Network picked up the series to run it on Adult Swim. Due to the high ratings from the Cartoon Network and high DVD sales, Fox decided to resurrect the show.

    I love Family Guy. You can watch the same episode three different times and always notice something different about it.
  9. I LOVE Family Guy. Hmmm, I think 7th Heaven and The Apprentice should just be gone. I can't think of any others, but i bet you someone will mention it and I will agree.
  11. Grey's Anatomy. I am kinda hoping Meredith really did die, but I don't think I'm that lucky. The only thing I can't figure out is why I keep watching it.
  12. ER must go, you can only go through so many cast changes, it's way to much, Almost everything "real" needs to go. jmho. Bring back the sitcom.
    Can not live without my simpsons and family guy sorry:shrugs:

  13. Oh yea, ER has jumped the shark. Although I did love the episodes with Forest Whitaker.:yes:
  14. They need to put a bullet in The Apprentice.. agree with y'all!!!
  15. I very rarely watch any shows but did recently catch an episode of CSI: Miami while I was waiting for the plumber to show up, and I thought it absolutely SUCKED. Everything was lame--the acting, the so-called "plot"--everything!!! I realise I shouldn't judge the show based on one episode but I truly don't get what all the fuss is about.