What Sellers On Ebay Do You Trust?

  1. Everyone on this forum has been a tremendous help to me and I have learned so much from all of you. I was wondering if you could share the sellers that you had a good experience with on ebay. Thanks.;)
  2. A good place to start looking for trustworthy sellers is on mypoupette.com. MP is an organization that is strictly anti-fake, and MP sellers have to go through an indepth screening process. There is a list of recommended sellers on that site. Buying from a MPRS is not a guarantee that you'll get perfect service, and there have been some MP resellers who have accidentally sold a fake here and there, but they are generally experienced professional resellers who you can count on. It is still important to do your research, check feedback, compare the item to others on ebay, and such. There are only a handful of sellers on eBay that I would trust blindly. Hope that helps!
  3. let-trade

    are a couple i've seen mentioned alot on this forum
  4. I second that!

    Also, authentic_lvlady (if you don't mind moth ball stink:nuts:).
  5. Thanks everyone.
  6. let-trade ( great deals )

    Karen Kooper ( great rare VIP items )

    FashionPhile ( lots of Monogram items )

    authentic_lvlady ( lots of variety )

    MPRS dealers are great too, but like Daniellejp mentioned - Do your research and don't go simply by the logo. Alot of people have been abusing that system and putting it their auctions, even though they're not on her list. :wtf:
  7. I can deal with MPRS without worry.
  8. Another good seller is shopgirlinthesky...she only has stuff up for auction every now and then, but when she does it's usually really great pieces!
  9. Ooooh I forgot to add eboutique!!! She's great too!
  10. eboutique has a lot of nice merchandise
  11. KarenKooper and Eboutique!
  12. let-trade :heart:

    Great items and prices, in good condition, and the service is unparalled! :love:
  13. I've purchased an LV from Luxuriana and she was great!