What sellers have you bought from that you trust?

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  1. I wanted to know what sellers any of you have bought from that you trust their bags are 100% authentic and sell at good prices? I thought this would be a good group of people to ask! Thanks!
  2. this should be in Achtung Balenciaga. . . I'll move it for you.
  3. On ebay, personalshoppers. She is very friendly and professional - only sells authentic Balenciaga!
  4. Thanks! I have one lady that I buy from that is about to start listing on ebay that has some beautiful bags but I'd like to know of some backup sellers in case she doesn't have what I am looking for.
  5. I bought an authentic Bbag from mariem on ebay.
  6. I sell on eBay and thank God people buy off eBay!
    Not everyone is a shark or a liar! ;)
    In fact, a LOT of our biggest B-Bag posted list on eBay.
  7. I totally agree with you Swanky Mama! Not everyone is a liar but potiental buyers HAVE to ask eduacated questions to make sure they do not get burned. I know people that ask questions can still get scammed but more than likely not.:yes:
  8. Absolutely!
    The worst, in my opinion, are the Sellers that tell you not to ask them questions.
    If I am potentionally spending $1500 on a bag, is it too much for them to answer my authenticity questions!?
  9. Yes, they should EXPECT lots of questions when someone is about to drop a load. I am one of those that asks a lot of questions and I know I probably get on sellers nerves but I don't want to buy something and then regret not asking later. Then that is my fault!
  10. i think questions are super important! ask tons of them! I sell and buy on eBay and find that it is a great forum for exchange! I :heart: it! I've been able to find (this year) viv westwood boots, prada boots, bbags and art supplies for soooo much less than retail!

    BUT I know that a lot of buyers are wary, and they should be! there are lots of crazy, evil sellers out there... just be on your guard. what I do so that I dont get taken (and I've been doing eBay for 4 yrs now with no problems) is always check the sellers feedback and time on eBay first. then look at their other auctions. if there is any doubt in your mind that the seller is iffy, skip it. I personally try not to buy from professionals... I like it when someone emails me back and signs their name, not their corporation. i;ve had 2 slightly bad experiences, both with pro sellers. one was a battery that wouldnt hold a charge and the other was a vintage coat that wasn't as described and didnt have a pic of a MAJOR flaw (lining was totally ripped out on the inside WTF? and its in excellent condition? ridiculous!)... well anyhow, other than those all the purchases I've made have been from people who are just cleaning out their closets or making a little $$ on the side. I'm the same, so its just my preference I guess!

    for buying designer stuff, I say know your stuff and buy carefully, dont buy from someone with ANY remarks about a non-authentic bag or one that was misrepresented. I always look at all neg. feedback a seller has gotten if they have less than 100%, slow shipping i can deal with, no item received i cannot! also just look at the seller's other items! sooo important! cannot stress this enough! if they are selling one fake, then probably more are coming. like roaches!
  11. Me too, I buy and sell on Ebay and thankfully no problems yet :flowers:
  12. Judy, first let me say I LOVE your screen name :love: That episode is one of my favorites!

    As far as Ebay goes, I find it's a good way to get a bargain and/or gain access to Bbags if you don't have a retails nearby. I totally trust two sellers (along with any PF member): sloane_street and elizabeth*thomas.

    I promise, if you do your research, buying on Ebay can be a very good thing! Especially if you're looking for a bag no longer made. ;)

  13. Same here :yes: !! If I'm the buyer I ask all things before bidding and ask for more pictures aso. - only if I'm really sure and all is cleared I buy the Item. :wlae:
  14. I tend to agree with mocean etc. above. It's easy to trash ebay, but it's a useful sales vehicle IF you know what you're doing (if not, it IS best to stay away). It's important to know what you're buying (educate yourself) and to ask questions. Many times, you may need an extra photo or 2 and if the person selling doesn't respond to your concerns, I think it's best to move on. I'm very careful who I sell to and I haven't had any problems yet. But if there were anything about the buyer that made me feel uncomfortable, I wouldn't complete the transaction (so far it hasn't happened) and I think that applies to buying too. Some of it is common sense.
  15. lots of sellers in ebay sells authentic designer bags. i usually ask a lot of questions to try and know them
    but since i found this forum, i'm happy to meet some of us that sells at ebay too :P (but girls, still be careful!! lots of scammers been eyeing this forum too now & then)