What season were the Mini Classique's produced?

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  1. Does anyone know what seasons the mini classique were produced? I am interested in any colour they produced in this style. :yes: I am especially looking for a magenta and marigold and I just wanted to know if these were actually produced in these colours? I know the style is discontinued now but what colours can I keep searching for? :graucho:
  2. Hey you, they were definately around in magenta as ive seen one! Also with marigold as Ive seen other colours from that season like eggplant and pistachio. Hows your eggplant mini? Can you get anything in it?
  3. Hiya,

    I'm still in Canada working so I still have a pile of bags at home I haven't even laid eyes on yet!! I can hardly wait to get home to see them. :yahoo: I should be flying home next Tuesday. I think my eggplant will be perfect for going out.
  4. I dunno when exactly it came out but its been a while I think:smile:
    I got a marigold one over ebay
    here it is compared to my olive first
  5. What a bonny bag. I'll have to get me one of them!! :tup:
  6. I know that they were definitely made in 2005 because I used to have an Apple Green and had seen a '05 Rose at Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh (when I was working there).

    I also know that the Mini Classique was made in the '04-05 Holiday Collection colors, as I have seen both the Metallic Magenta and Metallic Orange at the Balenciaga Outlet in Incisa (outside of Florence, Italy).

    I think the production of these bags ended at the end of 2005 ...
  7. The mini classiques I have and/or have seen are: eggplant, marigold, rose, lilac, anis, black, 05 turquoise
  8. about two months ago LVR had a mini first in magenta with a 30% discount. Email them, you canf find the address at www.luisaviaroma.com.
  9. I just got a reply from them. It has sold. :crybaby: Gutted. I am on a serious mission now to get a magenta mini. Thanks for the heads up anyway.
  10. I will give you a shout if i hear of one!!!!