what season were aquamarine and peacock?

  1. hi gals, i saw an aquamarine blake and zc on eBay recently, and i noticed the color is a lot like peacock. it might just be the lighting, but are these 2 colors different? also what season are they from?

    TIA :flowers::flowers:
  2. Aquamarine is from Fall 05. Here's a link to an Elise in the ref. library. As for the peacock, I'm not too sure when it is from but here's a link to a Venetia in the ref. library as well. HTH! ;)
  3. Peacock is from Fall 04.
  4. thank you wen and thithi :flowers:

    well i guess my only choice is eBay for fall 04 and 05 bags :girlsigh:
  5. Really? 2004? wow - I didn't realize the bag I'm bidding on is that old!