what season was Poudre?

  1. resort 06? SS07?
  2. Hi Bunkie, I think it's SS 07, the resort 07 included the quarzo, parma, and the trifoglio (sp?) , the poudre and the old petra were from the same season, SS07. These are my two all time favorite colors!
  3. thanks!!!
  4. Bunkie,

    FYI, from Resort, Parma - purple, Trifoglio - green, Ottone - gold.
  5. thanks!!
    From resort 07 right?
  6. resort 06
  7. ok thank you
  8. uclaboi, So what's the difference between resort and the SS collection? I thought every year BV comes out with a pre-SS= resort collection, and then the real SS collection. So all the colors that went on sale earlier July was actually from 2006? thanks!
  9. You're are correct. The Resort collection is like a pre-SS collection, and rolls out before end of the year. The last sale was for Resort 06 (from Nov-Dec 06) and SS 07.
  10. Good Lord, uclaboi, you're like a bottega venetologist! Awesome!:biggrin: