What season? Quilted Blake or Multipocket in Mouse.

  1. I have the quilted zip clutch in Mouse from I think F06 or R07, but I'm not sure. Around the same time I thought I saw either the Blake or Multipocket in Quilted Mouse. Does anyone know which (or both) styles they made and what season it's from? It looks like they're doing other styles in Mouse now, but this was about a year ago.

    Thanks! I'm excited to have discovered a place to share a love of MJ bags!

  2. hi, joanna and welcome!

    i believe mouse was released for either s/s 06 or resort 06. i saw a quilted blake in this color around that time, but never saw an mp. as far as i know, the mouse color was available for the quilted style bags (stam, stam hobo, banana hobo, quilted zc, an east/west tote, etc.).

    this season there is a grey, but it's about a shade darker than last year's mouse. it's still very pretty though. i bought the zc in grey, and it seems to complement everything i wear!
  3. Mouse(canvas lining) was released Fall 06. Putty(blue suede lining) was S/S 06.

    Your Mouse ZC should have a serial tag(with season) in the interior back pocket under the logo.

    Welcome to the MJ forum!
  4. Thanks!! You girls are awesome!

    Do you happen to know the style number of the quilted blake from that season? Although I vaguely remember that sometimes there is more than one style number depending on when they release it to the stores?