What season is this tote from, and is there an actual name for it?

  1. Thoughts on design?

  2. I think is called Chocolate Bar Caviar Tote..or something to that effect and is prob. from the early 2000's, love the dark color and it looks to be very durable:tup:
  3. ^Thank you! Your Chanel knowledge is impressive.
  4. Awww..thank you roey:smile:, and so do you:smile:
  5. roey - that's a lovely vintage tote!
  6. I recently bought this bag, looks quite similar. Mine has a hologram starting with a 10 and it is supposed to be from the late 2005-early 2006 year.
    brown chanel.jpg
  7. [​IMG]

    Nice tote, congrats:tup:
  8. Pretty;).... very similar....but yours have the diamond stitch quilting, and roey's pic. have the chocolate bar quilting.
  9. Oooo I love that bag habanerita! I saw it awhile back and didn't jump fast enough. I like it better than the chocolate bar version!
  10. Roey, here is a pic of Regina's bag, same design as yours, different leather....pic from Reginas post on patent leather chanels.
    reginas bag.jpg
  11. :love:
    so it was you that beat me to the punch !!! when I made up my mind it was a goner.....hmmm:nuts::nuts:
    do you love it. it sure is GORGEOUS !!!!

  12. me to Ro !!!:roflmfao:
  13. Haha, I also had this on my watch list, but I found it a bit too small. Congratulations habanerita, it is beautiful!!
  14. ^^
    Yeah Nat- the size was my hesitation as well...
    I just missed buying a white tote like we havev ( I have blue and you have black) on eBay it went for 316.00 had alot of pen marks on the inside, but I always wanted it in white...I forgot to go back and bid...ARGH