What season is this from?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My husband bought me a gorgeous violet colored quilted Venetia for Christmas -- I just wondered... what season is it from? I was searching though the MJ reference threads, and couldn't find it.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Did the tags read Violet or is that your description of the color? There are several colors that MJ used Amethyst, Viloet and Maroon are three that come straight to mind. If you could post pics of it that would help. If it came with the tags or a serial number that can help to disect the year/season... Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. If the bag is quilted with a burgundy suede interior I believe it is violet from Fall 2005. :yes:
  4. ^ ooh....I would LOVE to see a pic of that. :drool:
  5. Forenfinal and Melly,

    Thanks for your posts -- I feel stupid now, for not checking the serial tag (duh!), which reads F05. The tags do read Violet, and the interior is a burgundy color, so I'm guessing I have a Fall 05 bag :smile:

    I'll post pictures, too, though when I get a chance...

    Thanks again!
  6. ^ lucky gal! can't wait to see the pics!
  7. the elusive fall 05 violet?! that's the only mj color i have never seen pictures of. please post some as soon as you can. :yes:
  8. OMG!!!:drool::nuts::yahoo:This color is gorgeous...purple is my favorite color. Does anyone know where this color might still be available?
  9. yes, please share! how did your hubby find you a new one? lucky duck
  10. He told me he got it though a friend of a friend, which to me probably means through his sister -- I can't picture him buying a handbag! Plus she had this kind of knowing look when I opened up the gift, so I figure she's the one who scored it for my husband. From the looks of it, it must've been at NM Last Call or Nordstrom Rack because

    a. there's a line underneath the Marc Jacobs nameplate
    b. the nameplate looks like it's set a little crooked underneath. Could just be me imagining it, though

    I'm not sure where you could still get this bag, though. I wouldn't be surprised if my SIL bought this bag earlier last year and hung on to it for my husband.
  11. ^^ that color is gorgeous!!!!!! congrats! :tup:

    btw, if the line underneath the nameplate is silver, most likely they got it through an employee sale. one your hubbies friend must work for a LVMH company
  12. I love the unique color of this bag. It is truly gorgeous!! You certainly will not see this bag everywhere!!
  13. This is a gorgeous bag! I'm lucky enough to have one of these as well... love Violet! Congrats!
  14. wow, stunning acquisition! score one for teurope! :yahoo: