What season is this bag from?

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. I think it maybe from year 2007. I used to own this bag. ;)
    very pretty and different. it came in silver and gold color. med/large size and east west.
  3. Thanks Minnie04!

    Is it a metallic and does the metallic come off, it almost appears like it would rub off in ones hands???
  4. hey marshall are you looking for this bag too? i've been looking for this bag for my mom for like 2 year now, it doesn't seem to exist anywhere, she want this bag so much and i've been looking for it but to no avail :sad: if you do ever find it and decide you don't like it please please please let me know so i could get it for her. Thanks so much
  5. Hi there!

    My wonderful Saks SA,:woohoo: Sherie found it last night lingering in her back room and figured it was totally my taste. I bought it, But.. There is a great possibility I will be returning it. I am a total jumbo girl and this might be too small. If I do return, I will contact you and you can coordinate buying it from my SA.
    Have you seen it in person? Details please???
  6. hey no i have not seen it in person, but my mom have and she love it, please do let me know if you do return it that would be great, could you let me know how much it is? and my email is 3t2j1g@gmail.com thanks so much :smile:
  7. I saw it at Sak in Atlanta last 2 weeks.
  8. imo, the metallic does not rub that easy. its pretty durable. and its more durable than lambskin. its a beautiful bag!!! i regret sold mine..;(
  9. Thanks Minnie04.
    I will let you all know what I think when she arrives!:smile:
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