What search engine do you use?

  1. I got hooked on google but lately I can find more "stuff" on yahoo and msn. What do you use?
  2. Google! I also downloaded their tool bar so it's super easy. Also cool is that it comes w/ a little voter on it so you can vote for or against websites. . . of course I vote almost daily FOR tPF! LOL!
  3. Google, it always seems to find what I'm looking for.
  4. google
  5. Google!! I think the others don't always find what I want, and to be honest...I don't know how to use them.

    The last time I used Yahoo and MSN, they had ads that jumbled up the page and I couldn't make sense of anything
  6. Google for the most part sometimes Yahoo.
  7. Used to be Yahoo. They changed their page and I don't like how it looks so I use Google now.
  8. Google
  9. Google.
  10. Blingo. It's run by google, but you can win prizes for usingn them. I won a gift certificate to itunes last month through it.
  11. google, but i think i'll try blingo that jillybean recommended
  12. I am running Safari, so Google is right there on the toolbar. I just use that.
  13. Google use to use Yahoo but not anymore
  14. Google. Have it as my home page.
  15. I always use google.