What scarves is she wearing here?

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  1. So, in this ad what scarves is she wearing??? Can anyone help???

  2. looks like Cent Plis de Miao GM?
  3. Do you know which colorway is this?:smile:
  4. I think it might be 01 (it has gold in it too but the gold is folded over)

    Full code 002473S01

  5. Is 01 the black colorway?

  6. #7 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010

  7. In cash/silk shawls the black border is 03

    I think 01 might be wrong too :shame: as the code I gave you is for a similar silk cw 90 - and I think it is prob a cash/silk GM that she's wearing.

    Why not ring H and just describe the cw and they will get one in for you? :yes:

    You know she might be wearing a purple BdG dip-dye nearer her neck and under the CPdM :yes:

  8. A-ha! :nuts: I think you are right you know - I think she is wearing a purple-y scarf and then it is the GM 242473S08 with the brown border that robee showed-off

    OP you'll have to buy 2 scarves for the same look :graucho:

    Luckily I already have the dip dye scarf she's wearing, so I snatched up the CPdM shawl today at NM!!
  10. Oh wow - wearing two shawls! Now that's something I haven't thought of, LOL! Uh-oh...
    ETA: Wintotty - glad you were able to get your shawl!