What scarf should I get?

  1. I'm thinking between these scarves:


    The Versace ones are $165 and the Gucci ones are $246 at Forzieri. They're all basically wool and they also come in different colors. You can check them out at Forzieri.com. I personally like the first Gucci one better but the Versace ones are definately cheaper.

    What do you guys think? I would love to hear your inputs.
    Also, should I even consider getting a scarf? I live in Southern California.

    Do the Gucci outlet or Dec. 3 sale have sales on their scarves? Thanks!!!
  2. Initially I was drawn to the dark grey Versace, but I'm not a huge fan of the fringe thing at the ends.

    My vote goes to the cream Gucci scarf.

    I absolutely love scarves, but I live in Hawaii so I feel that if I wore one I'd really be overdoing it. How cold does it get in So Cal? I think if you wore it underneath a light coat or jacket it would look fine. It really depends what you wear it with. I'm not super experienced with scarves.
  3. [​IMG]

    Love the way Lindsay and Ashley wore their scarves... That's what made me want to get one lol!
  4. They're both nice so I'm no help at all. I love scarfs too. I never feel completely dressed unless I'm wearing a nice scarf with my coat.
  5. I like both of these.....


    I think I like the Gucci a bit more though, also because I'm not a huge fan of fringe.
  6. I bought my boyfriend the grey versace one but in the brown at Off Saks for around $60
  7. I love the cream Gucci one.
  8. The first Gucci one is gorgeous!
  9. yup! the first picture of gucci...
  10. I like the first Gucci one.

    I live in So Cal and it's been really chilly the past couple of days. Rained yesterday and I had a scarf on. The nights are really chilly and I always have a scarf with me. People seem to have a misconception that So cal is always sunny and warm. But for me winter is always really cold. I've never experienced other cold states so to me 60 degrees during the day is really cold, and 50 at nights are freezing!!!
  11. I like the cream Gucci scarf. You should look into some LV scarves too.

    Yeah I agree..people think that if you live in SoCal it's always warm and sunny but it does get a little chilly for me so I wear scarves a lot. I love Missoni and LV scarves!
  12. Thanks for the replies!

    Really? Which Off Saks did you go? Are there a handful of scarves there? And does anyone know if the Burberry or Gucci outlet in Desert Hills have discounted scarves? Thanks!

    And the cream Gucci scarf is sold out at Forzieri and it says Fall/Winter 08 for some reason. Gucci.com doesn't have the scarve =/ but some slight variation of cloth and color.

    The other colors for that cream scarf are

    No good? Should I just wait?
  13. The other colors just don't do it for me..I guess you could just wait a little until they get more scarves? I'm sorry!
  14. 1st Versace.
  15. definitely the first gucci